About Difference between a PBC and PLC

Private Limited Company

Private Business Corporation

Can be used by SME’s and huge businesses. Mostly meant for small businesses.
Allows you to embark in as many business activities because the memorandum of association can list as many business activities as possible. Allows only 3-4 business activities because the PBC statement of incorporation only allows that few business activities to be listed.
Minimum number of directors is 2. Can have 1  director.
Maximum number of directors is 50. Maximum number of directors is 20.
Directors are separate from shareholders. Directors and shareholders are the same.
Allows individuals and companies to be shareholders. Only allows individuals to be shareholders.
Does not accommodate sole traders. Can accommodate sole traders.
Output Output
Certificate of incorporation Certificate of incorporation
CR 5 (Former CR 6) List of company addresses Statement of incorporation
CR 6 (Former CR 14) List of company directors
Memorandum and articles of association


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